What We Do

Our goal is to aid you in creating the best possible version of your novel. We help you position it for marketing value. We create a promotional campaign designed for you, around your work, with the aim of garnering a diverse and new set of readers. We assist you in polishing and publishing, to create a professional product. We aren’t your bosses; we’re your partners.

Writing a novel is difficult. Editing can be brutal. Publishing shouldn’t be.

How We Do It

Ink & Smith isn’t your traditional publisher. We aren’t interested in purchasing your manuscript and holding it hostage until you change everything we want you to. We create a partnership with our authors, working with them, not against them, to craft a finished novel that is both artistically and commercially successful.

Our contract terms are fair and flexible and give our authors the opportunity to veto editorial changes, as well as a number of other rights that you might not receive at any other publisher.

We’re here because, first and foremost, we feel passionate about the authors we sign, and we want you to feel the same about the novels we publish.

Who We Are

Beth Bolden is a successfully published author of two novels and a short story. After studying the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry for the last five years, she is an expert on both current and future trends, as well as the nitty gritty details of how to publish a book.  

Liz St. Vincent has spent years bridging the gap between small businesses and major brands. She has worked on licenses for consumer products with Disney and Warner Bros. She brings all of this experience to bear for our authors in the areas of marketing, social media, and merchandising.