Announcing In Vogue

We are proud to announce that in September 2016 we will be releasing the first book in our lineup, In Vogue by Lucia Laurent.

A fantastical modern fairy tale about the art of fashion and the beauty of the written word, In Vogue is the first novel by Laurent, who is currently studying business.

King of New York fashion and editor-in-chief of the prestigious Couture magazine, Miles Brodeur loves his demanding job and a routine that means he always knows what’s coming next. Deeply involved in the magazine’s content and culture, Miles doesn’t have the time or the desire for a relationship.

Alexander Mackenzie is a former model turned magazine editor who is just learning about the politics that exist at the intersection of high fashion and publishing. He’s always dreamt of turning Miles’ head and one night, at a glamorous party, his fantasy becomes reality. But Miles’ workaholic nature conflicts with Alexander’s belief that “there’s more to life than what’s printed on the pages of a magazine.”

Despite their fundamental differences, Alexander can’t help but follow Miles back to New York, and once there it becomes clear their association could be addicting--and possibly life-changing.

Set in a world where the beauty of art and the written word collide, Miles is confronted by a fundamental question: is someone ever worth slowing down for?

In Vogue is our first release as Ink & Smith Publishing, a new venture revolutionizing the way publishers work with authors. With our “Authors First” concept as a launching point, Ink & Smith espouses a symbiotic relationship between publisher and author. In this system, the author gains flexibility and control while we use our unique approach to bring the highest quality work to the market.

In the coming months, we will be announcing the rest of their 2016 - 2017 titles. Join our mailing list and check out our blog for additional details.