2016-2017 Line-Up Announced

We're proud to feature these titles for our 2016-2017 Line-up.

In Vogue by Lucia Laurent

Miles Brodeur is the King of New York and Alexander Mackenzie sets out to win his heart in this fantastical modern fairy tale about the art of fashion and the beauty of the written word.

Under Pressure by Kara Greenan

In the high stakes world of high profile theft, love is a story the lonely let themselves be sold. But when a thief and a con man team up for a global spree, they unexpectedly discover the true value isn’t in the game, but in each other.

MAY 2017
These Silent Streets by T.F. Barnes

London, 1881. On the violent streets of a city divided by class, one man’s struggle to survive is complicated by an improbable romance and a past that comes calling with deadly consequences.

Taste on My Tongue by Beth Bolden

A semi-washed up pop star and an up-and-coming pastry chef team up for a high stakes culinary competition. Winning should mean everything, but what happens when the most delicious pairing is their own?