Behind the Scenes: Editing In Vogue

We believe our editing process is a bit different than most publishers because the two of us edit everything together. We each edit the manuscript separately and then come together to discuss every change or addition.

Editing In Vogue was hard for both of us because we love so much of it. BUT we wanted to make sure that it was as tight as possible for our readers. So, we worked through both line and content editing. Then, because we LOVE properly edited work, we send it to our lovely copyeditor.

Here's some pictures of the editing process on the physical version. 

You know what we learned in editing? First, if you put a 130,000 word document in Google Docs, it slows down to an unmanageable pace. We ended up using Microsoft Word for the digital version with tracked changes. Second, 130,000 words is about 326 pages and at full size it's pretty heavy.