EXCERPT: In Vogue - Advice from Luciano

“Ahhh, nice to meet you. Haven’t seen you before. Are you new to our game?” Luciano’s eyes are smiling, and his hand rests on Alexander’s elbow as if they’re old friends.

“It’s an honor. I’ve been a huge fan since I was a child.” Alexander looks like it’s Christmas morning, his eyes bright and his smile spread wide.

At Alexander’s compliment, Luciano bows his head, his smile still present. Throwing his arms in the air, he gasps.

“How happy this makes me, to know Miles found someone this sweet. Look at you two, glowing!”

Before Miles even has time to recover, Alexander takes a deep breath and answers. “Oh, we aren’t together! I haven’t even kissed him yet, but I’m working on it.”

Like it’s nothing.

It’s ridiculous, but also a lot confusing, the way Miles’s insides twist when Alexander looks at him after confirming his obvious attraction to Miles to the biggest fashion icon of their generation.

Miles isn’t sure, but he suddenly feels as though he can hear colors.

He sees Luciano’s head bouncing up and down, eyes brimming with tears from laughing. Did he actually space out?

When the designer speaks again, he’s looking at Alexander.

“Don’t give up on him, the first time I saw him he was cool as a cucumber; closed off, all work. And then he puts all his effort into bringing me back to the industry, shows more passion than anyone I’ve ever seen before. Soon enough, Margaret sees it too, and look at us now. I’m back and he’s the king!”

The laugh takes him over again as he continues, unfazed by the world around him. “Everything looks better in the morning. If he doesn’t open his door for you today, knock again tomorrow!”

Alexander’s like a ray of sunshine next to him, smiling kindly at Roberto, his gaze flickering between the two men he’s standing with.

It’s not that Miles doesn’t get compliments. Getting them from your personal heroes though, that’s a nice change. Miles takes note to not let this slip from his memory. Not sure what he’s focusing on more, the words he was rewarded with or Alexander’s unspoken, heavy reaction to them, he vows to himself to remember the moment as a whole.

When they finally escape the backstage hustle, it’s to fierce Paris sunshine and vivid streets, busy with media and lined-up cars waiting to take guests to the next show.

Alexander turns to him as soon as they are out the door, but not before checking if someone is listening in around them.

“Wanna kill the time before Saab with me? I’m taking Roberto’s advice.”

And when Miles informs Alexander he shouldn’t, Alexander doesn’t seem to want to hear it. Instead, he walks over to Miles’s car.

The man is full of wonders, as Miles can never spot his designated car without Sabine’s help. Masking his amazement, he follows suit and climbs in when Alexander opens the door for him, and they ride in silence. Miles’s nerve endings are on alert and he’s aware of every breath Alexander takes. It should bother him, but mostly he’s just lost. Alexander’s legs are long next to his, and he’s leaning on the door, his eyes locked on the passing surroundings.

Miles falls in love with Paris a bit more.

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