In the dangerous world of high profile theft, love is often a fantasy the wealthy and naive are sold. Grifter Sebastian Walker sells love like nobody else, leaving a trail of vacated bank accounts, empty champagne bottles and broken hearts in his wake. The one heart he never meant to break was London’s.

Considered by many to be the greatest thief of his age, London favours a minimalist life, devoid even of a surname. He lives for the next job, liberating art from museum walls and prized treasures from collector’s vaults. When he and Sebastian collide in Venice on a con to steal a priceless copy of Michelangelo’s David, the unthinkable happens: they begin to fall in love.

A long, lonely year later, Sebastian emerges as a new member of London’s team of world-class thieves. London knows he can’t trust him. Sebastian lies, better than anyone else, for a living. Sebastian wonders how he could ever entrust something as precious as his heart to a born thief. But as they team up for another perilous heist, they discover the true value might not be in the diamonds they’re stealing, but in each other.


About Kara Greenan

A self-proclaimed 21st century nomad, Kara never stays in one place for too long, always looking for greener pastures. So far, Europe, Australia and Africa have been her chosen homes over the years. And while she has to yet experience the feeling of homesickness, fernweh is a well-acquainted friend.
Writing stories brightens her days and can thankfully be done anywhere around the globe. Still, she makes sure to never travel too far out of wifi range. Her debut novel Under Pressure will be available from February 2017, while a sequel is already in the works. 
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